Monday, September 5, 2011

A new school year

Today is our first day off in the new school year. We start August 22nd so while my family that is up north have not yet started I have already completed 2 weeks of the new school year.

This year the opening of school was much smoother compared to last year. When a plan is in place and everyone and I do mean everyone know what the plan is and then they follow it life is so much better for everyone.

I still have a few frustrations; I teach 10th graders so one would think that parents would say my child will need standard supplies and purchase them when the sales run. Every year I have students that come to school with nothing. Not even a pencil. Of course I have some on hand but I do get frustrated that there was no thought about essential school supplies. I still have kids that do not think they should have to read or do homework. They will quickly realize that they must do these things or they will not pass my class.

On the flip-side I have my joys; students that love history and want to be challenged by me and they specifically requested my class. I get to teach a special topics in history class this year so I have the best and the brightest. In fact they know what they are in for because they have had me before. I did have to give up my language center kids because the district moved those kids to a different building. I do miss them.

I did have a sad moment when we started the year; our long-time department chair retired at the end of the last school year. I miss him very much and still get a little misty-eyed when I realize he is not in his classroom just down the hall from me.

I decided to free write for awhile and see if it unclogs my stress and inability to write.

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