Friday, January 14, 2011

50th Anniversary

50 years ago today Stanton L. married Alice Mable. They are my Dad and Mom. My sister, brother and I hosted a 50th anniversary party for them this summer when the weather is better for traveling. I've written about the party and posted a picture or two but today I wanted to pay a special tribute to this wonderful couple. So raise your imaginary glass and toast this wonderful couple with me.

This is Alice walking down the isle with her father, Raymond Phillips. Alice's sister Liz told a story at the party this summer. She said their father was not so sure they should get married in January because of the potential for horrible weather. But the day they got married it was sunny and there was no bad weather. A very good sign, or at least that is what I think.

Here the happy and half surprised couple. Mom knew about the party...Dad did not. He was very surprised and they were both very honored and thrilled that people were there to celebrate with them.

Our parents had a small wedding and a small wedding party. Of the original members of the party only one was able to attend. Robert has been a long time friend to my parents and we were so thrilled when he and his wife were able to attend the party.

Robert paid tribute to our parents.
As pictures were collected for the 50th anniversary scrapbook, I did not come across pictures of the guests at the wedding but I do have pictures from the party of family and friends.

Our family is blessed by the fact that several of our great-aunts and uncles are still alive and well enough to attend the celebration.

Bev's parents were friends with our grandparents and they and their extended family continues to be an important part of our families lives. In this picture Bev is hamming it up as she usually does with Dad and his granddaughter Shayna.

A random shot of famiily enjoying the celebration.

Friends enjoying the festivities.

The happy couple did not have music or dancing at their wedding but it was provided for the anniversary celebration. My brother-in-law Kevin is a great guy and after Shayna and I picked out special music to have for the party Kevin set it all up and made sure it played. My parent's love to dance and it was great to see them take a spin on the dance floor.

Gifts are usually part of the wedding and here Alice and Stan open some of their gifts.

One gift they recieved at the party was a song from their grandson Colin, Colin just happens to be my youngest son. Yes I am a proud Mom.

Cutting the cake, I always such a sweet moment of a wedding and I really like it when they do not mush cake in each other's face. Our parents were kind and loving to each other.

My sister found a great bakery and the cake was wonderful. I love the cutting the cake picture. I really thought I had a better picture than this but I can not seem to find it. Maybe it was someone else's picture but you get the idea.

The kiss, is where I will stop. Once again we says cheers Mom and Dad, Alice and Stan may you have a wonderful 50th anniversary with more wonderful years together.
We love you.