Saturday, August 29, 2009

First Week Of School

Do you remember how you felt on the first day of school, the first week of school?

When I was a kid I loved school even though I was not a strong student at all. I loved the first day of school. New clothes for the first day or two, seeing old friends, moving up a grade and checking out the boys were all important first day and week activities. I did not have crazy dreams about forgetting to wear clothes or where my locker was. I did hope for better grades but I didn’t have crazy dreams about those either. I was just excited about school. I grew up in a very rural area with strict parents so most of the excitement that happened in my life happened at school.

Now that I am an adult I have the wonderful opportunity to experience the first day and week of school every year when I enter the classroom as a teacher. It is a wonderful feeling. This year however has been really unbelievably awesome.

Our principal that came to us in the middle of last year returned to us this year. Consistency is a wonderful thing especially in an inner-city school. Our principal worked very hard to put systems into place for the beginning of this school year. It paid off in a huge way; school opened very smoothly. Everyone was on the same page and because of this behavior has improved ten fold. We do have those kids that do not like the rules and think they run the school but they are quickly finding out they do not and that there are real consequences for their actions. The district has put some teeth into the cell phone and dress code policies which will also help with the overall discipline and attitude within the building.

I have great kids this year. Our academic coordinator did a great job of being sure the right kids got put into AP classes. I do not have any whiners, I have two skippers and that will come to a fast halt Monday when I speak to the stay in school coordinator. He and I will dog them like there is no tomorrow and they will not miss too many more days or they and their parents will be fined.

Our school is far from perfect but we are on our way to fixing what needs to fixed and improving what we can improve. So here is to a great New Year!