Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday School

So today was not the first Saturday school of the year but it is the first one that the social studies department worked. We shared the day with English.

For this Saturday school we had 101 students show up. The disappointing piece; only 6 of them were mine. The 6 that showed are all doing fine in the class...the other 56 not so much. Okay maybe the other 45 not so much. I have 4 students that have zero for their average. Yes you read that right a zero. They have turned nothing in. They are making me crazy. How do you sit in class, do your work, and then not turn it it? It makes no sense to me.

After Saturday school was over I had my massage that was followed by a nap. That always makes life better.

Husband I also did our Samaritan's Purse shopping this evening so that they can be turned in at church tomorrow morning. When we do this each year we always do a boy box and a girl box. I always hope the little girl that gets the box is a girly girl because I pink and purple that box out. Hey it's my once a year events.

Life is good.


Bone said...

A zero average? I'd have had to move out of the house. My mom was seething if I so much as brought home a B.

HeidiTri's said...

I think most girls prefer pink and purple. Girls like Mack would just ask for a Boys box.
I'm sure that whatever little girl gets your box, she'll be thrilled.

Felicia said...

That's so nice of you guys to do those boxes! And that's crazy that you have kids with a ZERO! Yikes! I can see your frustration!

PennyCandy said...

A zero is so frustrating because it means you have not even turned in your in-class work. No participations points. Nothing!

Bone I was a horrible student in HS and I never got a zero on my progress report or report card.