Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Test Scores

The unofficial results are in.

I did not have a 100% passing rate this year on the state standardized test. One of my students failed so my passing rate was 98%. I was not thrilled with this but I can not take the test for them. None of the other teachers had a 100% pass rate. In fact I and one other history teacher have had the 100% pass rate. He now teaches government and economics which are not tested.

The good news the tutoring camps paid off for the 10Th graders we saw a 10 point jump over all with some of sub-categories going up more than 10 points.

The fair new our 11Th grade scores went up 5 points over all. I was hoping for a bigger increase for the 11Th graders because this is the class they must pass to graduate. The good new we have less than 30 students that will need to retake history portion of the test over the summer.

Our special education scores also went up so the modification guides that we put in place seemed to help. We will implement these guides earlier in the year so the students really learn how to use them.

On a different note son number two graduates from high school tomorrow night. I am really not ready for this his senior year has gone by quicker than I ever thought it would or wanted it to.


HeidiTri's said...

First, Congrats to my awesome Godson!

Second-it sounds like your school did pretty good on the tests. Is a 100% pass rate realistic?

PennyCandy said...

Yes it is realistic to expect all of my AP students to pass a basic knowledge standardized test. Most schools in the area will not allow a student to be in the AP program if they can not pass these tests. This student has never passed one of these test. She should be very concerned,but she is not, because if she does not pass them next year she will not be allowed to graduate from high school.

Felicia said...

At least the scores are improving! But I'd be a little scared right now if I was the student you are referring too!

highschoolteacher said...

Don't you get sick of the talk about test scores? I was at a school that cared about them, and I just had to get out of there. I taught special education. 100% of my students passed the ELA test, though (it does feel good to brag, though, but it is probably due to the rich area more than anything). 88% passed the reading, because all the Lang. Arts did for most of the year was study from study sheets, because of the focus on the tests. It was horrible, an education I wouldn't want for my children. All the principal talked about was test scores, all year. Makes me sick. I moved to a high school that doesn't really care--no reason to be sick about NCLB.

PennyCandy said...

Test scores are a fact of life so I deal with them and move on. My students do well and I just keep pushing them to pass the biggest test they face; the AP World History test.

TC said...

Those test scores are great, even if it is a disappointment for you to lose that 100% rate.

Hope the graduation went well! Sorry his first 18 years, and senior year especially, flew by too fast for you. I think parents usually always think they are too fast or too slow... no in between ;)

Bone said...

As I recall, my senior year went by faster than I ever wanted it to, as well :) I guess that means it was a good year.

HeidiTri's said...

Senior year... I'm not sure I had one :)

PennyCandy said...

I remember my senior year flew by as well but I think as a parent it goes even faster when it is your last child.