Friday, November 21, 2008

Thanksgiving Memories

Thanksgiving is almost here. It is my favorite holiday and has been for a very long time. When I lived at home I remember Gram and Uncle Herb would often come for Thanksgiving dinner at our house. Gram of course always brought the “pink stuff.” Yes Mom I know you and Aunt Liz gave it a name in the newest cookbook but I do not remember what the name is so to me it will always be the “pink stuff.”

Some years it was cold enough to go ice skating on the pond. I enjoyed skating and up until about 5 years ago we would go skating at the Tandy Center here in Fort Worth. The closed the rink down and I started having Fibromyalgia problems so I stopped skating.

I do remember some years that the uncles would come over right around Thanksgiving to go hunting with Dad. I don’t really remember if the aunts and cousins came or not. For some reason I vaguely remember that some years we would go to friend’s homes later in the afternoon or evening for dessert but that could have been for Christmas. We do that as well some years so maybe we didn’t do it when I was at home. Mom will set me straight I am sure.

Paul and I have had many Thanksgivings together and some of them really stand out. Our first Thanksgiving of married life was in California we did not know anyone so we were going to have a quaint Thanksgiving with just the two of us. I prepared the turkey, stuffing, vegetables and dessert. I was so proud of myself; then Paul carved the bird and guess what I had left in the turkey? The plastic bag with the giblets and other stuff I do not think I even knew that stuff was in there. We laughed and ate the turkey and we still joke about it when we prepare a turkey.

The Thanksgiving of 1986 was memorable because Paul and I traveled to Buffalo for his parent’s anniversary and I was so sick at the time that it hurt to breath and I was not keeping food down. When we arrived back in Los Angeles I went to the doctor and yes I had bronchitis but I was also pregnant and Andrew arrived in July of 1987. Three years later Colin would also make me sick near the holidays and arrive in 1990.

One event that usually happens to us right around Thanksgiving is that a major appliance dies on us. One year it was our dishwasher. The funniest was when Paul opened the oven door to check on the turkey and the door came off the oven completely. It was not funny at the time but later it was. We have also had a refrigerator stop working and so did our dryer and a microwave. Last year was the first year since I can remember that something did not break on us. The one good thing about a meltdown for Thanksgiving is the Black Friday sales that make replacement a-little-bit easier on the pocketbook.

My favorite Thanksgivings are those that we have company for. I love to cook for people and have everyone be they friends, family or both around the table for a good meal and good conversation. This year we will actually go to a friends house because the floors in our front room are being redone so having company over is not really an option. I will miss cooking for people but at least we will be with each other and friends that have come to be like family to us.

May all that read this have a restful and abundant Thanksgiving and feel free to share your favorite Thanksgiving memory.


HeidiTri's said...

It's funny that this is your favorite Holiday, and the one that I could completely skip.

The most memorable Thanksgiving for me was the one when Shayna, SD and I visited you in Michigan. Shayna fell in love with her Uncle Paul on that trip. She also got incredibly sick. It was a great time for us to just hang out!

PennyCandy said...

Yeah I think that was the year our dishwasher broke. Also you guys went to see the Nutcracker didn't you? I got sick too if I remember correctly because I didn't see the Nutcracker.

I like Thanksgiving so much because it is time with friends and family without all of the commercialization of the holiday.

Doohickie said...

guess what I had left in the turkey? The plastic bag with the giblets and other stuff

That STILL makes me laugh out loud!

My favorite Thanksgivings are the ones we spend at someone else's house. That way, the cleanup is voluntary, not mandatory. ;-)

Felicia said...

Well, Happy Early Thanksgiving! I'll cross my fingers something doesn't break on you and hopefully your oven door doesn't, either!