Sunday, June 27, 2010

The New Man In My Life

I have been very busy with the end of the school year. I work two half days this week and then I am done until August 2nd. But school is not the only thing that has kept me away from blogging; the other bigger event is the new man in my life.

His name is Winston:

My two sons were out walking their dogs a couple of weeks ago and this sweet little man got between them and walked home with them. Our oldest thought it was Buddy, a dog that gets out regularly but it was not.

He does not have a chip in his body, no one has called or contacted the shelter about him. So after trying to find him a home I decided that this was his home and I am the new lady in his life.

Winston is going to be a big boy, he is most likely a Grayhound German Shephard mix. He is so sweet.


TC said...

Aww, congrats on the new man! He looks and sounds like a keeper to me! ;)

PennyCandy said...

Thanks TC. He is so cute and oh so funny. He has a white tipped tail that he tries to catch. He makes himself dizzy, falls/sits down with his tail in his mouth.

Felicia said...

So sweet! And I love the mini library you've got behind you!!!

Doohickie said...

We finally got him to the vet yesterday. He is just now 3 months old, which meant he was only about 9 weeks old when we took him in. And he already weighs 30 pounds!

Bone said...

Yep, congrats!

Years ago when I was still living at home, we had an oh-so-cute brown dog wander up and take up residence at our house.

I named him Brown Dog.

Unfortunately, he eventually wandered off again after a few weeks.

TC said...

Hope you're doing ok and that Winston isn't keeping you TOO insane :)

TC said...

School's now the culprit for stealing you away from us?