Thursday, September 24, 2009

The last 25

Okay here is my last 25 I think.

76. Having lots of students in my room for after school tutoring
77. Socratic Seminars that run themselves
78. 80 degree days in the fall
79. Sunshine
80. Making my students laugh when they are stressed
81. Dogs sleeping at my feet
82. Reading old love letters/sweet cards
83. Helping new teachers get better at their craft
84. Sticky notes
85. Cold manderin oranges
86. Comfortable shoes
87. The smell of baby powder, even though it can kick up my asthma
88. Paper Dolls
89. Carosel horses
90. Antique hand-help fans
91. Postcards
92. Dressing up for Halloween
93. Group hugs, we started doing that 22 years ago when son #1 was a baby.
94. Scapbooking
95. Hearing "I love you"
96. Reading Twas The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve after we get home for the Christmas Eve service
97. Dimples
98. Vintage clothing
99. Well written essays
100. That I actually was able to come up with 100 things that make me happy


HeidiTri's said...

Great list. Dimples-cool!

I'm humbled that you started after me and finished before me!

Felicia said...

I love dimples too! I'm hoping our baby definately inherits that trait from Greg! And I also love dressing up for Halloween!

TC said...

I love post its. And cards. Definitely fun things.

Congrats on finishing! This was a fun read :)

Bone said...

Ah, comfortable shoes! That was the secret of life revealed on the last episode of Cheers :)

NP Diva said...

I love that sticky notes are on your list! hahaha such a teacher thing!

and what will you be dressing up for halloween as this year, Dear Aunt B?